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    Powsun Electronics Co., Ltd is located in Qingxi town of Dongguan city. Since our company has established, we have accumulated over 10 years’ experience of R&D and production. We possess a number of high-tech elites, we have 8 production lines and advanced and complete test equipments.

    Powsun has inherited principles of first-class quality and service and has built good business relationships with domestic famous enterprises. At the same time, Powsun has also gained good feedbacks from our customers. In order to better serve our customers.

    Powsun has adopted the policy of staff and succeeded from quality, owning an advanced-level team with modernization’s enterprise business ideas, gathering a number of partners with creation and vigors, possessing high-tech talents, with spirits of solidarity, spurt, honesty and innovation. We have been offering excellent products and satisfied services. We are honestily looking forward to going ahead with new and old customers from domestic and overseas customers, working together to create future business opportunities.

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